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Let’s embark on a journey to sustainability together – reach out today and take the first step towards a greener future!

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How Community Solar/Net Metering Works

There is no need to install anything on your home or business or switch your provider.

To qualify you only need to pay an electric bill to the “major” providers.

You will continue to receive electricity through your approved electric provider. The only difference: you will be saving 10% (each state varies) of credits and you will now be using renewable energy.

Your supply rate is not affected by enrolling into the Net Metering program.  The Net Metering program works in conjunction with the supply rates.

Subscription Details

Percent Savings

10% discount on all solar credits applied to your bill. The 10% discount will not change for the entire length of subscription.

Length of Subscription

20 years

Cancellation Fee

Varies between electric companies but most are FREE to cancel with a 180 day notice.

What You’ll See On Your Electric Bill

Electric Bill

Service Areas and Utilities


National Grid



Central Maine Power (CMP)


New Hampshire


New York

Central Hudson

Con Edison

National Grid


Orange and Rockland

Rhode Island

RI Energy


Green Mountain Power

We’re dedicated to transforming the energy landscape by providing our customers with knowledge and access to affordable renewable energy solutions, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

To be the leading force in the renewable energy sector on the East Coast, where every home and business benefits from clean, cost-effective energy solutions that pave the way for a greener planet.

Our approach is centered on customer empowerment through education and personalized service, ensuring that every interaction not only enlightens but also leads to tangible, positive changes in our community’s energy consumption and environmental impact.

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