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Empowering Sustainability, Personalizing Savings

East Coast Renewable Energy, LLC stands at the forefront of renewable energy solutions, offering personalized, cost-effective options for a greener future. Our mission and vision focus on educating and equipping our community with the tools to embrace sustainability while enjoying significant savings.

Our Mission

We empower our customers with knowledge and unbeatable pricing in renewable energy, personalizing every solution for significant savings.

Our Vision

We envision a sustainable East Coast powered by our commitment to innovation, accessibility, and exceptional customer relationships.

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What We Offer

Explore our suite of renewable energy products designed to empower and economize your energy usage, from battery storage to solar installations and beyond.

Who Can Benefit?

ECR is here for everyone with an electric bill seeking savings – public entities, business owners, homeowners, and renters alike. Beyond electricity cost reduction, we leverage our network to find additional savings, just reach out to learn more.

Our No-Cost Promise

At ECR, transparency and trust are paramount. Exploring our energy-saving solutions is free, with no hidden obligations. We’re upfront about any costs associated with our services, guiding you to make the best choice for a sustainable future.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy harnesses the power of natural resources such as sunlight, wind, and water, providing a clean, inexhaustible source of power that significantly reduces carbon footprints. It represents a key solution in the fight against climate change, offering a sustainable path forward for energy production and consumption.

Meet The Team

Discover the passionate professionals behind our sustainable solutions at East Coast Renewable Energy. Meet the team dedicated to powering a greener future!

Nicholas Valorie

Nicholas Valorie


Michael McCue

Michael McCue

Energy Expert

Jeff Ducharme

Jeff Ducharme

Energy Expert

Top Rated Solar Company

Leading the sustainable energy frontier, our top-rated solar company excels in providing comprehensive solutions including EV charging, community solar projects, cutting-edge battery storage, competitive supply rates, and expert solar panel installation services.

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